A New Year, A New You

After 10 years working in the fitness industry and over 20 years on my own health and fitness journey, every year I see it. The New Year’s gym rush! Every January people are searching for ‘gyms near me’ and the health clubs, gyms, and studios fulfill up with well-intentioned people with lofty goals of weight loss and getting “toned” — but with little or no plan. Sadly, by April most have lost their way and given up on their goal only to try again the following January even further from their original goal. So how do you avoid this?

  1. Set an attainable goal. Pick a body fat percentage, pants size, or dress size you can truly reach with the amount of time and effort you are willing to commit. Set benchmarks or check-ins along the way to ensure you are staying on track.
  2. Ensure your goal is measurable and realistic. Getting “toned” means different things to different people and can’t be tracked. Furthermore, the scale lies. Too many people focus on a number on the scale versus how much lean tissue did they gain, how much body fat did they lose. Can they move more weight for more reps or go farther or longer? Keep a daily journal of sleep, nutrition, exercise, mood. Can you see the trend of better mood and energy correlating with consistency in nutrition and exercise?
  3. How bad do you want it? Many people set goals but it truly isn’t as important to them as they think. Life gets in the way and they soon push their exercise and nutrition to the back burner. Remind yourself you are worth it and your personal health and wellness needs to be a priority. Set a goal that is personally important to you and then fight daily to protect that time.
  4. Have support and accountability. For instance, a spouse or roommate that supports the nutrition choices at home and your time away at the gym. A gym partner or instructor the holds you accountable and pushes you out of your comfort zone.

I’m proud to say at Studio 68 Fitness we have an extremely talented and educated training and instructor staff. We are here to help you set realistic goals, be there along the way to hold you accountable, support you, educate you, and help you achieve your true potential.

During 10 years of training people, I always love to ask as our time together wraps up what they took away. The common theme tends to be that when they started, their goals were small and they never dreamed that they could accomplish and look and feel the way they do now! I consider that a mission accomplished!

In Health,
Michael Smith