Looking for a Fitness Center Near Fort Collins?

Studio 68 Fitness is a boutique health and wellness fitness center based in Timnath, Colorado. We offer a new Northern Colorado experience for those who value a family-friendly and attention-to-detail approach. Thanks to our wide array of personal trainers and fitness studio experts, customized inspiration and personalized results are waiting just for you!

The mission of Studio 68 Fitness is to be more than “just a gym.” We know that too many local gym memberships go unused and guilt builds up. Studio 68 is here to support you, every step of the way. At our fitness studio, we have such a camaraderie that you know you’ll be missed if you don’t show up and will feel motivated to come back. Whether you’re working with a personal trainer for one-on-one time or stopping by for one of our many yoga classes, we’ll be happy to see you not matter what and know you’ll feel the same. We’re interested in helping as many people who live and work in Timnath as healthy as possible; heck, we hope we draw people in from miles around thanks to our reputation as a luxury gym.

We Want You Here

We believe in and practice a “Come as you are; you belong” mentality. We know that not everyone is at the same stage of their lives, and that the goal of healthy living means different things to different people. That’s okay! We can work with you to find the you you want to be, because we want to see our fitness family healthy and happy in the way that works best for them.

Our goal is to develop a fitness center culture centered around community, vitality, strength, and overall well being. We want to create a space where our employees and members, regardless of age or fitness levels, encourage their peers daily to meet not only their fitness goals but provide a pillar of support and encouragement in their personal lives. We hope you’ll join us soon! Check out our membership page or claim a Free Pass to check out Studio 68 Fitness your way today.