Meet the Team

What makes our local gym different from the others? Yes, we have an excellent facility filled with all of the essential exercise equipment — both high-tech and low-tech — that you could ever need. And sure, we offer dozens of classes, from barre and boxing classes to HIIT classes and calming yoga instruction.

But what really makes us special is our staff. Our fitness center has gathered some of the most amazing personal trainers and fitness instructors from across Northern Colorado, each one excited to be part of our tribe. With over 20 of these coaches in the building throughout the week, you’re sure to find one who can encourage you to be your absolute best when it comes to becoming healthy.

Personal Trainers – Looking for personal training in Timnath? You’re not alone. More and more people are figuring out just how important it can be to have someone by your side, someone who knows exactly where you are in your health journey. A personal trainer can help teach proper exercise techniques (keeping in mind previous injuries) and help replace old lifestyle habits with new ones. We’ve found the best instructors in NoCo, so click that link to learn more about them.

Instructors – The instructors at Fitness 68 are all experts in their respective fields, ensuring that you get the absolute best workout no matter what fitness class you’ve decided to take. Our local gym is gaining a reputation and drawing the best fitness instructors around; no matter what class you choose, you’ll always end up with a pro!

Careers – Do you have a passion for exercise? That’s not enough! Do you have a passion for exercise and a passion for helping people make the most of their health? Do you have the ability to encourage people to make the most of their time in a fitness studio? If so, please feel free to click that link to find out if you have what it takes to be an instructor with our local gym.