Be More On Purpose

Feeling overwhelmed during the holiday season or even afterwards? Our schedules tend to fill up regardless of the season!

Sometimes we start to feel reactive to and resentful of the busy-ness of our lives rather than feeling on purpose and joyful.

Most of our health journey is a mental game, not a physical one, so by energizing our self-confidence – namely, our ability to be on purpose and fulfill our goals – we tend to make better decisions in all parts of our lives.

So, what can you do when you want to feel a little more on purpose? Make the following two decisions and commit to making them happen every day.

  1. As soon as you wake up, drink water. Have it right by your bedside. This gives your body needed hydration after a night full of body-restoration, but more importantly, it allows you to START YOUR DAY doing something “on purpose” and healthy for your body.
  2. On your drive to work or to do an errand, choose to take a farther parking spot from the entrance door than you normally do. It’s not that the extra 100 steps will make a HUGE physical difference, but you get a little extra fresh air, it takes very little extra time and energy, and – when you do it – use that “empty time” to notice that you are someone who follows through on decisions. Again, when we walk around confident and feeling on purpose, we tend to take better care of ourselves, so fill up your confidence cup!