Biker Barre

The “Biker Barre” group course offered at Studio 68 Fitness takes a unique approach by combining the benefits of two very different fitness approaches: Barre exercise and HIIT biking.

Our cycling classes aim at developing muscles in your core, upper body, back, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and lower legs. They increase stamina, improve cardiovascular health, and build better mental focus as you push yourself further every session.

Barre’s primary goal is boosting the strength and flexibility of leg muscles from glutes to ankles, all the while improving movement through exercises that promote core control and spinal alignment.

Peloton Barre Class

The class begins in our Peloton Studio with 30 minutes of vigorous biking. Set to upbeat music meant to motivate and energize, this first half will have your legs screaming and your heart pumping. Our class instructors will push you past your limitations, engaging you with different resistance levels and various positions to help increase your power, speed, and strength.

We will then transition to our Lotus Studio for 30 minutes of Barre-based exercises aimed at strengthening, lengthening, tightening, and toning your entire body. In addition to this, expect to experience better posture, flexibility, and balance. By using small, controlled movements and isometric holds, Barre is the perfect way to achieve a holistic exercise in a short time frame.

Les Mills Barre

Barre has foundations in ballet, but you don’t need any dance experience to take part. Using low impact, high repetition workouts with limited range-of-motion, this is a class that is accessible to anyone. Likewise, the biking portion requires no previous knowledge in riding actual bikes. Studio 68’s stationary bikes are stable and require zero balancings while in use, so anyone can use them, no matter her level of experience.

While you will certainly get a serious workout from joining this class, our instructors are trained to read the room and adjust the intensity according to everyone’s abilities, so you don’t need to worry about being able to participate.

Try The Biker Barre Class at Studio 68 Today!

If you are looking to achieve full-body fitness, consider Studio 68’s Biker Barre course. By combining the intensity of our highly popular cycling classes with the nuanced movements provided in our Barre classes, we have built a fitness program that hits every point of focus in the spectrum of exercise.

Reserve your spot in our Biker Barre course today, and feel free to contact the Studio 68 Fitness team in Timnath for more information. We want to help you live your best life.