Les Mills

Looking for HIIT classes?

We offer a variety of genuine Les Mills fitness classes featuring High-Intensity Interval Training workouts. These amazing classes offer a fun physical activity for adults, teens, and children. Not only are they a great way to burn calories, but they’ll also build muscle and are an excellent exercise for the heart!

Les Mills BodyCombat

This martial arts-inspired workout is an amazing HIIT class — and amazingly fun! It’s all about punching and kicking in order to burn calories and get your heart going, but it’s all non-contact so you don’t have to worry about injury!

Les Mills BodyPump

BodyPump is an excellent way to burn calories while you lift weights. With lots of reps, you’ll tone your muscles and get a great workout while you do it.

Les Mills BodyStep

BodyStep is a step class that’s great if you want to tone your legs, butt, and thighs. This Les Mills class also uses exercises such as burpees and pushups to make sure you’re even more well-rounded.

Les Mills CXWORX

Want to focus on your core? The CXWORX Les Mills class is exactly what you’re looking for. By utilizing resistance tubes, weight plates, and a variety of exercises, you’ll get those stomach, hip, butt, and lower back muscles in shape!

Les Mills TONE

TONE is a 45-minute, three-in-one workout. This mixture of core training, cardio, and resistance training includes lunges, squats, and the use of resistance tubes to burn calories and make your body more fit.

Les Mills GRIT

These 30-minute HIIT classes are broken down into three specific formats: strength, plyo, and cardio. Strength builds lean muscle by using barbells, weight plate, and bodyweight exercises. Plyo uses a bench and involves explosive jumping and agility training. Cardio is just what it sounds like: an excellent way to improve your heart.

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