LES MILLS SPRINT is built on the science of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), using the bike as the equipment. It’s a quick 30-minute, hard style of training that returns rapid results with minimal joint impact.

The short duration of a LES MILLS SPRINT workout will motivate you to push your physical and mental limits. It features bursts of intensity where you work as hard as possible, followed by periods of rest that prepare you for the next effort. The payoff is you burn calories for hours after a good HIIT workout.

LES MILLS SPRINT classes are perfect for anyone trying a cycling class for the first time or who has a busy schedule and needs just a quick 30-minute workout. Cycling classes are intense and if you’ve never taken a class before, be sure to come about 10 minutes early to introduce yourself to your fitness instructor and to make sure your bike is adjusted for your height and comfort. During the class, you can look forward to working out your glutes, hamstrings, and even your arms.

Our cycling studio is soundproof and is staged like a movie theater with subs and lights that change as the intensity levels increase and decrease. We use top of the line Schwinn AC Pro belt-driven bikes with ANT computers, giving you a smooth ride and the biofeedback you need to pace yourself and see physical results. We take pride in being able to provide equipment throughout our gym that people love using.

At Studio 68 in Timnath, we strive to make every group fitness class fun and energetic, while also giving everyone the challenge they need to see real results. If you’re looking for an all-in-one gym, sign up for a free class today.