Yoga Ashtanga

When Studio 68 Fitness opened in 2017, we recognized the value yoga has for the body and mind, and have continued to make yoga classes a core focus of ours. Since its development in ancient times, yoga has been shaped more and more to better benefit the whole human — mind, body, and soul. Today, there are hundreds of styles and variations of the practice, each with its own particular benefits. 

What Is Ashtanga Yoga?

Developed with a modern-day approach to classical Indian yoga, Ashtanga Yoga synchronizes breath and movement to create continuous movements that flow from one asana (or “pose”) to the next. By gently heating the studio to 80 degrees without added humidity, we are able to heighten the body’s purification process, achieving the full potential of this particular practice.

Yoga Ashtanga Class at Studio 68

Yoga Ashtanga at Studio 68 is not a typical yoga class. By combining rigorous and fast-paced movements with the meditative attributes inherent in yoga, Ashtanga is meant to push practitioners beyond their comfort zone, challenging them to break down the mental blocks that hold them back from reaching their full potential.

Our trained instructors work with you during every yoga class to tone and strengthen muscles, improve balance and stability, and clear the mind. After a few sessions, you will notice increased flexibility and endurance. As you continue in your practice, the benefits become greater. While the internal organs are stimulated by energy flowing through the nadis, your body will cleanse itself of toxins, and the mind will be cleared of all obstacles.

Every pose in this yoga class is performed with ujjayi (or “victorious breath”) and dṛṣṭi (translated as “gaze points”).


Ujjayi breathing begins by filling the lower belly with air as a way to animate the two bottom chakras, then guiding the breath upwards through the rib cage to charge the third and fourth chakras, finally reaching the chest and throat where the fifth chakra lies. By activating your chakras, energy that is trapped due to stress is released, allowed to once again flow freely and equalize throughout channels in the body and mind.


Dṛṣṭi is the practice of focusing one’s gaze on a particular point — in this case, on a specific part of the body while holding a posture. It is believed that through pinpointing your gaze, you will refine your balance, sharpen your focus, and concentrate your intention. Each of these contributes to the development of your practice but will benefit you even more beyond the studio.

These are both separated by the traditional chaturanga (also known as “low plank”), which is a low pushup position part of the classic sun salutation sequence that forms the basis of most yoga forms. Chaturanga is known for shredding shoulders, and with 45 repetitions in a single session, you can be certain you will feel the burn. It all pays off, however, during final śavāsana, which will include a cool lavender-infused towel to assist in easing you into a sense of deep relaxation.

Try Ashtanga Hot Yoga Classes at Studio 68 in Timnath Today

Those who are looking to augment their fitness regimen while remaining rooted in yoga’s basic principles need not look any further. Please arrive at the studio well-hydrated. As the overall intention of this yoga class is to heal the body of impurities and clear the mind of negative thoughts, don’t wait any longer to remove the obstacles that stand in your way.

Reserve your spot for the Yoga Ashtanga program at Studio 68 Fitness, and feel free to contact us for additional information.