Flow 3

A continuation of our “Flow” yoga class series, Flow 3 builds upon the basic concepts that were established in Flow 1 and developed in Flow 2. Our Lotus Studio is gently heated to 80 degrees as a way of intensifying the purifying effects that result from this particular style of yoga.

How Flow 3 Is Similar to Ashtanga Yoga

Rooted in the principles of ashtanga vinyasa yoga, Flow 3 focuses first and foremost on synchronizing movement with prāṇa (or “breath”). By maintaining motion from one posture to the next, you will learn to join the mind and body into a seamless state of consciousness, allowing your form to progress naturally on its own.

Starting Flow 3

Warm-ups begin with an expanded sequence of Sun Salutation poses that act as the foundation of the entire form. Next, the instructor will guide the class through a series of standing and seated poses, introducing them to new techniques like inversions, twists, and forward bends.

These positions help with stretching more acute muscles that are often neglected and hard to reach while lengthening the spine provides better posture. The reliance on stability in the legs and concentrated strength in the core aids in building better balance that will contribute greatly to more difficult poses you will encounter in your practice down the line.

Why Take Flow 3?

This yoga class follows therapeutic sequencing. Expect the sequence to change subtly every session, depending on who teaches the class. Flow 3 is a far more challenging version of the previous two levels and moves at a faster pace, so it is recommended that students have previous yoga experience in order to keep up. Please come to class well-hydrated.

This class is for seasoned yogis looking to further explore the physical and mental benefits of ashtanga vinyasa yoga without attempting the highly advanced prāṇāyāma (or “breathing exercises”) that are practiced as a part of our Ashtanga Yoga class.

Practicing yoga helps to tone and strengthen your muscles while improving balance, stability, flexibility, and endurance. You will also gain mental clarity and a deeper connection with your emotions.

Take A Yoga Class at Studio 68 Today

Yoga is a fantastic antidote to the stresses of everyday life, which is why Studio 68 Fitness provides a range of yoga styles to satisfy everyone. Our main goal is to help people live their best lives. Yoga’s ability to benefit every aspect of the human being is what makes it such a strong focus of ours at Studio 68.

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