Hot 68

(60 minute is one set, 90 minute is 2 sets)

This Hot 68 class is 60-minutes long and offers one set of each posture. It includes a distinct and therapeutic sequence of postures practiced in a heated room to 105 deg 80% humidity. It is considered a stationary sequence, which means you come back to a stationary standing posture, Mountain Pose, between other postures. The alignment principles that organize Mountain Pose are the alignment principles that structure every other pose. These principles, collectively termed Vertical Stabilization, form the foundation of the class. This slower-paced, detailed-alignment style of class is ideal for beginners, but equally appropriate for intermediate and advanced students. The sequence of postures in our Hot 68 classes doesn’t change from class to class or teacher to teacher. This specifically helps you build a solid foundation; allowing you to program into your mind and body the principles of Vertical Stabilization and breath control. It also allows you to easily measure your progression from class to class.