Bring the club to the gym… everyone is welcome to join this dance party!

If you’re interested in Zumba classes as a way to lose weight, you’re not alone. Over 15 million people attend weekly Zumba classes all across the world. With Latin-inspired moves and music, all you need to bring is your smile and you can dance your calories away.

What Should You Expect From Zumba Classes?

There are many good reasons Zumba has caught on like it has and been a leading form of exercise in fitness studios for the past 20 years. Here’s why this dance class craze continues to grow, and why our Timnath gym embraces it so.

  • The Music – One of the most enticing parts of Zumba classes is the type of music that’s used in class. The four primary kinds of music — salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, and merengue — are up-tempo and can really get you excited for the class to begin. Our bodies want to dance when music like this is playing!
  • The Workout – Due to the variety of dance moves, Zumba is an excellent workout for the entire body. Not only are you burning calories at about 500 an hour, but you’re also increasing your flexibility and balance as well. When you combine Zumba with better eating, you’ll gain muscle and lose weight.
  • The Fun – If you’re going to burn calories, Zumba is certainly one of the most fun ways to do it! Since Zumba is dance-inspired, you’re brain sometimes forgets that you’re exercising and you just start having a good time. But you are exercising, which means your brain is releasing endorphins…don’t be surprised is you laugh a lot even if you don’t get all of the moves right!
  • Who Is Zumba For?

  • Zumba is a great option for just about anyone out there. You don’t have to be a great dancer, and you don’t have to be in shape. At our local gym and fitness studio, we say “come as you are.” We want to get the people of Northern Colorado as healthy as possible, so click here to get a free pass to our Zumba class!