Fitness Instructors

Are you ready to make the most of your exercise time? Studio 68 Fitness has gathered some of the best fitness instructors in Northern Colorado (and certainly the best in Timnath!). Click below to learn more about each of our instructors and which classes they teach. With more than two dozen classes, you’re sure to find a teacher and exercise class at our fitness center that works best for you!

While finding the right personal trainer can be difficult (you want to make sure your personalities match well), finding the right fitness instructor is usually considerably easier — just find the class that’s best for you!

Of course, finding a class is easy at our local gym. We have an amazing array of classes, whether you’re looking for something fast or slow, cool or hot. If you want a high-intensity workout, we have everything you’d want in our HIIT classes, cycling classes, and boxing classes. Want to have even more fun and love to dance? You might want to consider our Zumba classes or barre classes. Looking for yoga classes to calm the mind? Our yoga studio has seven different yoga classes, including hot yoga, restorative yoga, and even relaxing candlelight yoga.

Come Take A Look At Our Fitness Studio!

We’re very proud of our local gym and the space we’ve created. We’re also extremely excited about the staff we’ve hired to teach the classes we discussed above, as well as over a dozen other fitness classes we offer. The fact is, at Studio 68 Fitness you’ll simply find more. More instructors, more personal trainers, and more classes than just about anywhere else in Northern Colorado. We’d love to give you a tour, so click here to contact us and set up a tour today. Better yet, sign up for a free class and start sweating!