Our Cafe

At Studio 68 Fitness, we believe the fuel you give your body is just as important as the workouts you do. We also understand that finding the time to grab a healthy meal or make one on your own can be a huge challenge. Life is hectic, and that’s why we put a world-class smoothie bar and a luxury fitness studio under the same roof. Simply grab a smoothie on the way out, and you’re good to go!

When you visit The Cafe, you’ll quickly see that we’ve got a mouthwatering array of nutritious, nourishing smoothies made with only the best ingredients. We can customize your smoothie if you need it, accommodating dietary restrictions and supplement requests. Sit down with a couple of friends from yoga class and chat about your plans for the weekend or grab a recovery smoothie on the way out the door — whatever your style may be, you’ll feel at home in The Cafe.

We’re more than just your average fitness studio. Studio 68 Fitness was created to give people of all experience levels everything they need under one roof. Learn more about membership and join us today!