Peloton Studio

Ready to ride some hills and spin your way to euphoria?

Well, we’re with you!

First things first though.

Be sure you’ll be hydrated for the whole sweat-pouring journey. That means H20, you know! Bring a water bottle with you and saturate often.

Get to the class ahead of time. That way your instructor will recognize you in the crowd and you can make pedal and seat adjustments before the music starts. You might also want to let him or her know your cycling comfort level before people start pouring in.

What to wear?

You’ll want clothing that breathes. That might be a sleeveless top and it’s best if your shorts are padded, just like those you’d wear on an outdoors ride. Be sure the material wicks away the wetness and that you like what you have on. That will motivate your ride!

Also, about shoes: spinning is an amazing workout. That’s a given. But you can go into that calorie shredding with greater gusto IF you have cycling shoes on. Cycling shoes are made for the ride. They breathe and they grip the pedals. You can wear any running shoe, don’t worry – but if you want to feel extra secure on the bike, invest in an indoor cycling shoe. You won’t regret it.

At Studio 68 Fitness, our spin classes are intense, but we strive to make them fun and energetic. You can look forward to high-volume music that you can really get into the groove with. Your instructor will lead you through the workout, letting you know when to increase the resistance on the bike, when to stand up, what to do with your arms (yes, you’ll even use your arms), and they’ll remind you to keep breathing and to drink plenty of water. During the class, your core, back, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and lower legs will all get a great workout, so make sure to stretch before and after the class as well.

Is your heart racing just thinking about your next spin class? Well, we’ll see you on your seat!