The Cage

The Studio 68 team is excited to welcome you to your new fitness home! Humorously known by its nickname, “The Cage,” is our main athletic room and home to everything a bodybuilder could want — and more. Whether you’re into weightlifting, boxing, HIIT, or beyond, you’ll find everything you need.

The Cage is fully equipped to challenge any athlete with basic or advanced programs.

  • Men’s and women’s barbells with 1,500 lbs of bumper plates
  • Rep Fitness rigs equipped with safety straps and pull up bars with cannonball grips
  • Fat grip barbells and farmer carry handles
  • Dumbbells from 5 lbs to 100 lbs
  • Kettlebells from 10 kg to 48 kg
  • Concept 2 SkiErgs and Stairmaster HIIT Mills set at a fixed incline
  • Self-propelled treadmills with farmers carry attachments.
  • Rogue Reverse Hyper and GHD


Our weight room is professionally set up for convenience and completeness. The Cage is sure to be your new favorite place to work out and reach new PRs. Don’t wait to come by and see how it sets Studio 68 Fitness apart!

We believe that successful fitness is sustainable fitness, and we’re on a mission to create a welcoming, world-class environment that integrates effortlessly into your lifestyle. No matter what your fitness goals may be, you’ll find the equipment you need and support you rely on. From squat racks to free weights to boxing equipment, jump ropes, and medicine balls, we have everything under the Studio 68 Fitness roof.

At Studio 68 Fitness, we take the concept of a fitness center to the next level. We’ve gone the extra distance to make our gym the ultimate destination, no matter what you do to stay fit or how experienced you may be. Most importantly, we’ve created a community where you can find your tribe, release stress, and grow stronger. Visit today in Timnath!