Boxing & Conditioning

Mix it up with our Striking Specialist to push your metabolic conditioning. Burn tons of calories in a fast-paced environment where you will learn real boxing/ striking skills. Focus mitt and heavy bag work mixed in with lots of conditioning will leave you amazed at what you are truly capable of. Train like a fighter without getting punched and realize how fun and challenging it can be.  Unlock your inner beast!

Boxing Classes For Women

Participate in a group boxing class with your closest friends or take a course on your own, either with a class or one-on-one with a trainer. Get your energy out and get a better body all at once with any of our fitness boxing classes.

Find a Boxing Class Near You at Studio 68 Today

Contact Studio 68 to learn more about any of our boxing classes today. We offer one-on-one classes with a personal trainer, group classes to enjoy with your closest friends to support one another, or a random class of people to make new friends who share a similar goal to yourself. Call Studio 68 to learn more about what your options are or come to the Studio and visit us in person!